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Trent Jansen – 3D Stencil Art
June 30, 2010, 2:03 am
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I’ve been thinking about graffiti as an alternative form of fashion distribution, and wondering about whether clothes can be left somewhere in order to get them to their wearer while bypassing conventional commercial means of doing this.  It is for this reason that Trent Jansen’s lamp appeals as it takes graffiti into a three dimensional realm.  The link below is a little interview:

Trent Jansen – 3D Stencil Art | COFA Online Gateway.

The lamp was exhibited at the 2010 State of Design Festival. Below are my photos of the rows of lamps as they stood at the end of the week.

3D Stencil Project

Your average two-dimensional stencil artist goes out on the street with a cardboard stencil and a can of spray paint. With the 3D Stencil, Trent Jansen goes to the street with a small mould and a can of ecologically inert expansion foam. The mould is attached to a wall and filled with expansion foam. Once the foam has cured the mould is removed, leaving a small form on the wall.

The first form used for the 3D Stencil has been a small half lampshade. A battery with LED’s is placed inside the shade, providing a small light source in some of the city’s darkest corners.

Installation of the project will take place during the day, viewing is after dark.

In 2009, the 3D Stencil was a finalist in the London Design Museum – Designs of the Year Competition – www.designmuseum.org.

Presented by Trent Jansen Studio

Sponsored by Soudal


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