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Brownlow Medal 2010
September 20, 2010, 12:19 pm
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This evening I watched the Brownlow red carpet special live from Crown Casino.  Well, what else is a Melbourne girl to do on Brownlow night if she owns neither a television nor a footballer for a boyfriend?  Observing and documenting the red carpet without a media pass is, well, mundane.  What is edited to a half hour special screened at 7.30pm starts before 5pm and runs through till 6.30pm.  It’s hard to see.  My fingers got cold.  I don’t have a very good camera.  There was a smattering of people outside Crown Casino this evening watching the proceedings, quite a few of them kids, but it’s difficult to say how many of the adults were on their way home form work and how many made the trip specially.

Difficult to see.

Wardrobe malfunction?

Comedy stunt that had no more luck than me getting past security.  She’d gone to so much effort with the fake tan too.

The crowd.

Where are these children?

I don’t know who this man is but he was part of the TV people.  He very nearly didn’t make it as at this point he had clearly forgotten his pass.

Does this crate contain a. The Medal? b. The votes? c. beer?

Older women also attend.  And they look very beautiful as well.

Wispy, ethereal  things

Stretch Hummer.  Most people just arrive by taxi though or private car.  The valet parking people were working hard.

Eddie Maguire!

It takes at least fifteen minutes for a popular player and partner to make it through the interviews outside.


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I think the wardrobe malfunction was part of this hideousness!

Comment by tan

Yes, I realised that afterwards. At the time it was just so funny to see this man walking around with a mass of spangly tulle, he didn’t know what to do with it!

Comment by captiveaudience2

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