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Tesco’s Knockoff of Kate Middleton’s Blue Issa Dress is Pretty Pathetic
November 28, 2010, 5:42 am
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From Primark to Topshop, the Brits love their knockoffs. So it’s no surprise Tesco, one of the nation’s biggest discount stores, decided to replicate the pretty-but-let’s-face-it-boring Issa dress Kate Middleton wore to announce her engagement to Prince William. It retails for about $25

The problem with the “Kate” dress, as Tesco has apty named it? Well, it’s not really a replica. In fact, we’d never think of it as a copy if Tesco wasn’t touting it as one.

Unsurprisingly, there’s another, better copy out there. It’s called the Pepita dress, and it’s on sale for €99, or about $155, which isn’t much cheaper than the original.

We don’t really understand why anyone would want this dress so badly anyways, but if you’re desperate, there’s a lovely Issa silver dress similar to Kate’s currently available on Matches.com.


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