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Unclaimed Baggage Centre
April 18, 2011, 10:56 pm
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Unclaimed Baggage Centre | Where lost luggage goes to die (and be sold).

Article about unclaimed baggage centre in US.  Sets out 7000 new items per day!   And this is only one third of the total. It caught my attention because it is an example of how waste and excess permeate all levels of our day to day life and the systems that govern them.  Is it really necessary for the airlines to send so much baggage to waste, or just cost effective?  How many travellers with insurance never bother to search for their bags at all?  And items left in seat pockets – If we really “care” about having stuff so much, why do we always leave it behind?


Football great kicks ethical goal for local label
August 20, 2010, 1:51 am
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Football great kicks ethical goal for local label.

Channel 7 sports reporter and former AFL great, Tim Watson, has found himself in a mini fashion storm following his coverage of a recent Hawks-Bulldogs match at the MCG.

Watson shunned the more familiar black and red of his beloved Bombers and instead sought the cosy warmth and ethical comfort of a red and white ‘Grandpa Scarf’ from local brand, Otto & Spike.

Otto & Spike, a Brunswick-based knitwear label, is accredited with Ethical Clothing Australia and is known for its colourful winter woollies that have a familiar retro aesthetic. The brand also has an environmental bent with a commitment to using remnant and surplus yarn for its ranges.

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Avelle’s CEO on Why Bag, Borrow or Steal Was a Crappy Name, and More
June 3, 2010, 11:58 am
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Avelle’s CEO on Why Bag, Borrow or Steal Was a Crappy Name, and More.

By Lauren Sherman, 1 June 2010

I remember quite vividly surfing Bag, Borrow or Steal during my first year of full-time work. The site had just launched, and despite its unfortunate design, I found it to be quite cheeky–and in many ways, appealing. And although I never could bring myself to take the plunge, I knew plenty of women who “borrowed” one of the company’s bags for weeks at a time, whether it was for job interviews or big meetings.

So I was pretty shocked when Bag, Borrow or Steal decided to change its name to Avelle in 2008, shortly after its prominent mention in the first Sex and the City movie. Sure, BBS isn’t the the most glamorous moniker, but it was catchy, and people knew what it meant.

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