A Captive Audience

Photoshoot locations
October 13, 2010, 12:12 pm
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This is along the Upfield bike track in Brunswick.  It’s part of a Moreland art project along the bike track and it looked spectacular.  On Monday.  Today, Chris rode past and said the heavy wind had left it in a mess.  The other problem is access – it’s in a fenced off tramways owned bit of land.

These pics are at APM in Fairfield.  The bales of cardboard ready for recycling would be a spectacular backdrop – but again the problem is access.  The place is like an army barracks with garbage trucks driving in and out of boom gates and there are also forklifts scooting about so I imagine health and safety is pretty important and it would take ages to arrange access.

These are at Fairfield above and below.  The grassy spot is nice, I liked the way it dropped away with the trees in the background, but maybe too nice.  The ones below are nearby, I suspect they will be busy on Sunday with joggers.  The red carpet will get dirty here.  It is a little walk from the carpark as well, over the pedestrian bridge.


These are all behind the museum in the Carlton gardens.  I like the rings around the trees, how it’s wrapping and constraining the trees.  I wonder if the grey would be good to set off the colour (and white) in the dresses?  The aircon vents are quite interesting and they blow out air which we could use to make the dresses flutter!

Would the red carpet work here?  Again, this is the museum.  It could be a bit like a take on the bridal shoots that are always going on around the museum, but with a twist.

It was raining today of course.  I don’t know what Sunday is meant to be like.  If it’s nice the park will get busy, but maybe the people around are ok, just part of the circus?